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What we deliver:

Dedicated Theater Systems – From Blu-Ray to game consoles; from sixty-inch to one-hundred twenty inch screens, we will work together with the customer, designers and architects to provide a complete theater experience.

Whole House Music Systems – Distribute music from a standalone music system to speakers located in any location while being controlled by in-wall keypads or a handheld remote control.

Integration Systems – Combine controls for lighting, thermostats, house music, pool and spa, security, window shades or anything you choose to control into a single keypad, multiple keypads or a remote control.

Structured Wiring/Networking – Future proof your home with all of the necessary cables for HDTV video, data, home networking, wireless networking, telephone distribution or Panasonic Phone systems.

Lighting Control Systems –  A convenient, effortless, energy conserving way to control lighting room by room or by using uniquely programmed scenes throughout your home.

Window Shades – Automated shading solutions customized for your exact application offer control of natural light. Shades decrease UV fade on fabrics, artwork and assist HVAC systems by reducing solar gain.

Security Systems – Home security and access control systems including local video surveillance, network surveillance, monitors and motion detectors.

Phone Systems – A certified Panasonic technician will design and install a professional phone system.